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May be congenital or secondary. Often occurs latently, without clinical manifestations.

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With an increase in the volume of the cyst, it debuts with symptoms of intracranial hypertension, convulsive paroxysms and focal neurological deficit.

Diagnosed mainly by MRI of orlistat pills. With an increase in clinical symptoms, surgical treatment is required - drainage of the cyst, its fenestration, excision or shunting. Classification of arachnoid cysts Causes of an arachnoid cyst Symptoms of an arachnoid cyst Diagnosis of an arachnoid cyst Treatment of an arachnoid cyst Prognosis Prevention Prices for treatment.

The arachnoid cyst of the brain is a limited accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the thickness of the membranes covering the brain. The cyst got its name in connection with the localization in the arachnoid cerebral membrane. At the site of cyst formation, the arachnoid membrane is thickened and has a duplication, that is, it is divided into two sheets, between which cerebrospinal fluid accumulates. As a rule, cysts have a small volume, but when a large amount of cerebrospinal fluid accumulates in them, they have a compressive effect on the underlying cerebral cortex.

This leads to the manifestation of clinical manifestations of intracranial (intracranial) space-occupying formation. The arachnoid cyst of the brain can have a different location. Most often, such cysts are located in the region of the cerebellar pontine angle, the Sylvian sulcus, and above the Turkish saddle (suprasellar). According to available data, about 4% of Xenical online have arachnoid cysts, but not all of them give any clinical manifestations. Males are more prone to developing cysts.


The etiological classification takes into account the origin of arachnoid cerebral cysts.

In their origin, they can be primary, or congenital, and secondary, or acquired. Primary cysts are abnormalities in the development of the brain, secondary ones arise as a result of traumatic injuries, inflammatory processes or bleeding occurring in the cerebral membranes.

Morphologically, simple and complex arachnoid cysts are distinguished. In the first case, the cyst cavity is expelled by cells of the arachnoid membrane, which have the ability to produce cerebrospinal fluid. In the second case, the structure of orlistat also includes other tissues, for example, glial elements. Morphological classassification of arachnoid cysts is not of current importance in practical neurology, while the etiological classification is necessarily taken into account when making a detailed diagnosis.

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Clinically, arachnoid cysts are divided into progressive and frozen.

  • Progressive cysts are characterized by an increase in neurological symptoms due to an increase in the volume of the cyst.
  • Frozen cysts do not increase in size and usually have a latent course.
  • Determining the type of arachnoid cyst in accordance with this classification is of paramount importance for choosing an adequate treatment strategy.
  • Causes of an arachnoid cyst.
  • Congenital arachnoid cysts are formed as a result of violations in the process of intrauterine development of the brain.
  • The factors causing their formation include various harmful effects on the fetus that occur during pregnancy.
  • Cysts localized in the arachnoid membrane are often observed in patients with Marfan's syndrome and hypogenesis of the corpus callosum.